Dental Care 101: Dental Care for Infants

Dental Care 101: Dental Care for Infants

Dental Care for Infants

The AAPD recommends that a child have their initial visit with a pediatric dentist by the age of one.  During this visit, the dentist will asses the infant’s growth and determine if additional fluoride, through drops or vitamins, is needed. Having a consistent intake of fluoride can decrease decay rate by 50-70%.

  • Be sure to wipe the inside of the infant’s mouth with a soft cloth after breast or bottle feeding.
  • When teeth have erupted, be sure to brush them twice a day with a toothbrush designed for infants and small children.
  • We encourage you to use only water if a bottle is needed at nap/bed time. Liquids such as milk, formula and fruit juices (even fresh squeezed), will cause the teeth to be attacked by bacterial acid and causes “Baby Bottle Tooth Decay”.
  • Wean the child from a bottle by the age of one.
  • Although sucking on a pacifier, thumb or finger is normal, this habit should be broken by the time the child reaches the age of three. The continued sucking will affect the development of the teeth and the relation of the jaw.  This will result in misaligned and crooked teeth and bite problems; usually resulting in future orthodontic treatment (braces).


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